You’ve Got (Snail)Mail


A few years ago, I started writing and sending letters to my friends. Tired of the short, shallow ‘communication’ Facebook was affording us, and longing for a deeper, more personal form of connection, I resorted to the age-old art of hand-written letters.

And it was sheer joy.

I remember one day I received a much-anticipated package and a return letter from a friend. I lost all interest in opening the package when I saw the letter had arrived, too.

Nowadays, we are obsessed with instant gratification. Everything has to be right now, and it’s better if it came yesterday. But instant gratification is ruining our brains, and making it increasingly more difficult for us to authentically enjoy our lives as they are, preferring virtual, instant reality to the beauty of the world around us.

Imagine if every silly argument you ever had on social media had to be written on paper, letter by letter, popped in an envelope (which you bought) and stamped with postage (which you paid for). Think how fewer sleepless nights you’d have had were you forced to actually ask yourself if showing ‘roger874sr’ how wrong he was, was worth your time and money.

Nothing says ‘I Love You’ like sitting down and taking time out of our day to hand-write a letter or card to a dear friend or family member. And think how much it would brighten your parents’ day if they received a letter or card in the mail, mixed in with all their various bills. Can’t forget mom!

So, of course you’ll need paper. You can always write in your spiral notebook and tear it out. But, check out these more sophisticated options.





You’ll need some sort of writing mechanism, and there are many options.

You can go with a classic ball-point pen.


Or you can go with a colored gel pen.

Maybe pencils are your thing.

Or maybe you prefer felt-tips.


If you’re serious about letter-writing, a writing desk will come in handy.




For a really personal touch, why not try an embosser?


Of course once you finish crafting your letter, you’ll need postage to mail it.




At the very least, you’ll improve your illegible hand-writing, right?

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