Trending: Men’s Spring 2016 Style

Spring is here, and that means a wardrobe update is in order. Now that it’s just a bit warmer, it’s finally worth worrying about what you’ve got under that coat that you’ve been wearing for what seems like forever. Whether it’s Spring Break, a day hike, or you just need to go to the office in some new layers, we’ve got the best of the trends for the new season right here.

The Denim Button-Down: A perfect lightweight layer and the classic color means it goes over anything and with anything.

The New T-Shirts: Maybe you just want some new layers, maybe you want to have something a bit more exciting up (and on) your sleeve.

The Chino: Spring is all about updating your wardrobe to include your favorite pieces, just in a lighter, brighter, color palette.

The Jacket: Color everywhere! Especially your outerwear, which you still need, because it’s not summer yet.

The Skinny Jean: Skinny, but not too tight. An athletic cut makes the style comfortable and great for a spring day out in the great outdoors.

The Boat Shoe: The cooler, more weather-appropriate version of those boots you’ve been wearing all winter.

Image 3 of Sperry Topsider Bahama Boat Shoes

The Statement Shirt: It’s time to bring out the patterns you wouldn’t have dared wear last season, which look completely different in the sun.

The Sneaker: It’s always a good time to buy a new pair of sneakers. New Balance are our current favorites.

The Sunglasses: Now you can see the sun, it’s time to protect your eyes.

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