This Should Cut It

Perhaps one of the most under-appreciated tools in the modern kitchen is the cutting board: ubiquitous and used on a daily basis, but definitely taken for granted. All you need is a piece of wood, glass, or plastic that you can cut your meat, fish, vegetables, or fruit on, and you’re all set, right?

Well, in a sense, I suppose that’s true. But where does creativity and ingenuity come into play? Although it most certainly will get the job done, a cutting board doesn’t have to be a boring rectangular piece of unremarkable utilitarianism.

Here at Blue Kangaroo, our retail partners have got plenty of alternatives that combine imagination with intention. I’ve collected a few on my personal user board. Here are some of my favorites:

Epicurean State Cutting Board Collection from Bed Bath & Beyond, $24.99–29.99:

Add a little local flavor to whatever it is you’re cutting.


Joseph Joseph Rinse and Chop plus Cutting Board from Amazon, $17.14:

This does it all: chop, rinse, dump into the serving bowl. A must have!

Curtis Stone Bamboo Workbench and Cutting Board from HSN, $199.99:

Talk about creative and utilitarian! Owning this bit of awesomeness might make me eat at home more often.

Photo Block Your Photos Cutting Board from CafePress, $28.50:

Instead of dogs and baloons and buildings, maybe you could put things you DON’T like. . . you know, as you’re chopping away with that really sharp knife. . .

Squish 2-Quart Over-the-Sink Cutting Board with Colander from, $14.99:

It’s squishy! Nothing more needs to be said.

Salmon Cutting Board at, $12.99.

Just make sure you eat the fish, not the fish-shaped wood.


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