Summer Craft Projects

Now the sun is shining we all want to be outside! Right? Okay maybe you’re more like us and you want to hide out inside and avoid the heat/sunburn/sweating profusely. If so, we have the perfect craft and DIY inspiration for you – find our favorite craft projects to keep you busy this summer. Whether you want something simple or a longer project, you can find everything you need for these projects at Blue Kangaroo!

Decorating plant pots

Probably the simplest of all the projects we’ll suggest in this post – just grab yourself a plain plant pot and some paint (and some waterproofing solution for the finished product) and off you go!




Reinventing your old shirts/pillow cases

Do you have any old clothes that need a new lease of life? Tie-dying is an age-old technique for giving old fabrics a second wind by covering them with some groovy colorful patters. If you want something that’s a little more on-trend, embroidery is huge this season so get your sewing machine out and try out some cool patterns which can create a feature piece for any room in the house.



Mementos of the summer

This one is definitely for the kids, whether they’ve been to camp or just want to have a permanent memory of a great family vacation. We love the idea of hanging some natural souvenirs somewhere in your home or garden, another idea could be using shells or stones found on a beach to record the date and location of your trip!



Craft kits for children

The best way to occupy your little ones over the summer break is by giving them a craft kit. They can spend hours and hours making little gifts to give to their friends and family (or maybe even you)!



For our best recommendations of craft kits and supplies, check out our Summer Craft Projects collection on Blue Kangaroo.

Happy Crafting!

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