Spring Cleaning Made Easy

The snow has melted. Uncovering a ground still tender and  emerging are the long anticipated greens while the sun is making its debut. Not the deceitful winter sun, the spring one, that we all know, love and yearn. The one that drives us to open all the windows, blare our favorite jams and sing and dance around the house while the birds chirp among each other, probably about how we’ve lost our minds. The sweet spring sun that revives our faith in life again. Mentally, we have already started planning summer outings and coordinating a pastel wardrobe. But wait! Let’s not forget that with the coming of Spring, comes a deep house cleaning!

Growing up, there’s nothing more I hated than when my mother assigned me to taking down the curtains and removing the sofa cushion covers to be washed. It made me want to go back into hibernation. As an adult, I now have a new appreciation for spring cleaning. The way I see it, the more effort we put into this seasonal cleaning, the more time and space we have to enjoy the upcoming seasons. The physical aspect of spring cleaning goes hand in hand with the metaphysical. A clutter of stuff clutters the mind! Whereas cleaning, clearing and simplifying brings feelings of lightness and clarity. We all need a refresh button. A button that will allow us to reset and refocus, our thoughts, goals and motivation.

I’ve divided spring cleaning into three easy steps: simplifying, cleaning and organizing. First, we should decide what it is we want to keep and what no longer serves a purpose. Chances are, if we haven’t touched something for over a month or two, it can be thrown or given away. Next, comes the fun part! Cleaning! We can’t deny how fun cleaning has become over the years with the fancy vacuums, fragrant sprays and colorful cleaning supplies. Lastly, we organize. Placing our belongings where they can easily be found when we need them and creating a sense of order in our homes. Luckily, there’s a plethora of bins and tins for that part.

Spring cleaning can be done alone, with friends, a spouse, kids, siblings or neighbors! It can be done in complete quiet or with a mini concert going on at home. It’s your home, your space, your cleaning and it absolutely should be done on your terms. Most importantly, clean with purpose having all the fun you can while doing so and have a WONDERFUL Spring!

Here are some recommended products for a successful Spring Cleaning:




        Glad ForceFlex 33 Gal. Rip Guard Drawstring Trash Bags (40-Count)   Embassy Elite 16-Sheet Microcut Paper, Credit Card and CD/DVD Shredder with Sof - 8328709



Lysol Antibacterial Kitchen Cleaner, 22 Ounce - Walmart.comDyson DC33 Multifloor Bagless Upright Vacuum, Multiple Colors   The Original™ Microfiber Cleaning Towels in 10 Pack - Bed Bath & Beyond



IRIS USA 5.7 qt. Stack & Pull™ Modular Latch Box in Blue (Set of 10) - Bed Bath & Beyond   Studio 3B™ Heavyweight Grommet Tote in Grey Stripe - Bed Bath & Beyond    



Febreze Scented Candle Strawberry Fig Air Refreshener Eliminates Odors 5 Oz        Glade Solid Air Freshener - Red Honeysuckle Nectar - 6 OzAir Purifiers By ZooBamboo (2 X 75g) | Bamboo Charcoal Shoe Deodorizer Car Refreshener Home Odor Eliminator Mold Remover Moisture Eliminator and Dehumidifier for Allergies Smoke Smell and Pet Odor


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