Refresh your Desk

Working in a cubicle can dull your senses. Especially with white desks, white walls, and white floors. But it’s been scientifically proven (oh yes, I don’t pull any punches) that an aesthetically stimulating environment directly effects work performance. Think of your desk as a blank page, just waiting for you to make your mark on it. With some carefully chosen pieces, you can transform your work space and invigorate yourself with positive, productive vibes.


(My average Monday morning)

Succulent Planter – $66.71

Succulents are low maintenance plants that suit the office aesthetic. Having something living on your desk can give you a solidifying feeling, reminding you to keep your feet on the ground.

White Leather Office Chair – $158.99

If you’re like me, you don’t realise what an uncomfortable position you were sitting in until you stand up. Comfort your lower back and shoulders with a well made, ergonomic chair.

Citrus Splash Fragrance Plug – $14.50

This illuminated fragrance plug by Bath and Bodyworks releases citrus scents to refresh you as you’re working. It’s also a much needed pop of color.

Poppin Rainbow Notebooks – $15.27

These notebooks make such a sweet uniform of color you might find it hard breaking them up!

Hektar Lamp – $49.99

Poor lighting will give you a headache, permanently strain your eyes, and will put you in a bad, unproductive mood without you even realising. This Hektar lamp by Ikea is functional, beautiful, and will illuminate your space with positive energy.

Motivational Poster – $17.80

Zazzle’s motivational poster range come in vibrant colors and remind you to be the best version of yourself.

Wireless Charging Station – $29.50

A clear desk is a clear mind. This compact charging station from Pottery Barn gathers your tablet, phone, and notebooks all in one place (and it’s reduced from $99!).

View from Paris – $5.49

Stick a poster of a beautiful location directly above or next to your screen, so when your mind starts to wander, it goes to a happy place.

We’ve got more desk accessories in this collection:


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