Planning a Weekend Break

Now spring is here, you might be thinking about taking a weekend break to get away from it all. We’re here to give you some suggestions for where you could take your next break, as well as some hints and tips if you’re wondering what to pack!

Where Should I Go?

We can’t think of anything better than getting away from it all and having a weekend in the country, no laptops, no phones and absolutely no emails. If you want your break to be a bit more action-packed, then a city break might be the best choice for you!

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What Type of Luggage Should I Take?

If you’re going for a hiking break, a rucksack is your best friend, easily portable and no attempting to drag your suitcase along the unbeaten track. A city break however, requires a sturdy, and easy-to-wheel mini suitcase. One with a hard outer shell meaning you can carry all your gadgets worry-free!









What Do I Do When I’m There?

Wherever you go, and whatever you take, the activities are the things you really take a break for – so whether it’s camping, extreme sports or just some plain old sight-seeing, we hope you have a fantastic weekend!

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