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My boss recently returned from a Yoga Training Course on one of Thailand’s exotic islands, and just by the looks of her, I knew there was something untouchable about that once in an (average person’s) lifetime experience. Something beyond magic and words. I hadn’t yet seen pictures but I saw the intense sparkle of sheer emerald waters, straw huts and coconut trees in her presence. I could hear the tranquil silence. I almost wanted to put her in a glass enclosure as to preserve all of those things from being tainted by…life. Then I thought:

1. She probably wouldn’t appreciate that.

2 It’s not realistic

Life unfortunately doesn’t work that way. Once in a life time experiences are exactly what they claim to be and for the majority of us, living on an island in isolation just isn’t doable.

What’s the solution you might ask? How is one to escape from the stresses of life into  ultimate beauty and peace in order to refresh and reach a healthier state of mind, body and spirit?

Create a sacred space of your own, in the comfort (or discomfort) of your own home.


Grab your wallet, let’s start shopping!

The therapy begins here.


  1. For 50k you can have your own teleportation device and metaphysically travel to anywhere you want in the universe. This projector by Sony will give you a 147 inch crystal clear image of whatever it is you’d like to experience. Crashing waves? A tremendous thunderstorm? Your favorite cooking show? It’s yours.screen


2. I apologize if the first product spiked a fever. Here’s something more affordable: Wallpaper! These wallpaper murals are a total game changer. You can transform any wall to resemble your most preferred vacation destination. An imagery that quiets your thoughts and soothes your soul.


3. An important key to relaxation is dressing comfortably. Whether it’s yoga pants, a sun dress or an over-sized t-shirt, the choice is yours.





4. Unless you relax while standing, you’ll want a comfy place to sit. A spot that you’ll grow to yearn and love. Just after a few experiences, you’ll grow a connection with this spot and you’ll begin to gravitate to this spot when you feel stressed.

Rhett Overdyed Rug - Threshold™


Are you ready to finish creating your special space? I’ve created a collection with everything you’ll need!

Repeat after me: Fringe Studio Brush Namaste Glass Trinket Tray

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