Hot Right Now: Succulents

Sometimes I really question what motivates trends. A desert plant that stores water in its leaves is currently getting everyone really excited. C’mon guys, it’s basically a cactus!

To be fair, succulents are beautiful. Even the name is evocative. If you read my recent post about refreshing your office space, then you’ll know that they are the perfect plant for busy people who want to bring easy style to any space.

On the High Street

Living Succulent Wall – Pottery Barn $269.00

Oh, Pottery Barn, you never fail to deliver.

Succulent Candles – Pottery Barn $13.00

These are way too cute to burn!

Blossom Cactus Flower Perfume – Forever 21 $7.00

Cactus flowers actually smell (and taste) really good.

Sedum by Lupen Grainne – Pottery Barn $59.00

Insta-worthy framed print. Would look gorgeous in a chrome finished bathroom.

For the pièce de résistance?
Living Flower Crown – Etsy $96.00


Green Fingers

Succulent starter kit: Soil, tools, cute containers, and a guide book to help you through the confusion of cuttings and maintenance.









From left to right – Calcined Clay – Ebay $5.99 // Fairy Garden 7 pcs Set – Amazon $6.99 //Hanging Metal Planter – Urban Outfitters $16.99 // Succulents Simplified – Amazon $18.32 // Modern Tabletop Pentagon – Amazon $23.98 // Geometric Glass Succulent Planter – Ebay $31.19 // Unique Succulents – Amazon $39.99

For more simple succulent inspiration, have a look at our newest collection:


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