Hot Handbags for Spring 2016

You’ve traded in your boots for sandals. Your sweaters are in storage and short sleeve dresses are now taking up most of the space in your closet. Time for one more change – a new, spring purse but what kind of purse? To help you decide, we’ve tallied up the handbags views on Blue Kangaroo in the past month to see what’s trending for Spring 2016.

Leather Looks for Spring
Spring is generally a time for lighter fabrics and pastel colors but not when it comes to handbags. More than two-thirds of Blue Kangaroo shoppers chose leather or faux leather purses over any other material. Of course, leather doesn’t always mean brown. The popular Pijushi Classic Embossed Crocodile Purse which comes in purple, red and navy blue. If you’re looking for more traditional spring colors, check out The Kate Spade Lily Avenue Carrigan leather tote in poppy pink or crayon blue.

Designing Women (and Men)
For some, a handbag is just a handbag but for our Blue Kangaroo shoppers. More than half of the Roo handbag shoppers chose unique bags from the top designers. Michael Kors was the most popular with three times the views of the next most popular brand; Coach. Ralph Lauren also made the list with the third highest number of views on only two different bags: The Newbury Double Zip Shopper and the Tate Messenger Bag.
The most popular bag of all? The small Rhea Backpack by Michael Kors.

But just because our shoppers chose expensive designer bags, doesn’t mean they paid expensive designer prices. Three-quarters of all handbag shoppers went to eBay or Amazon to find lower prices on the best brands. Macy’s was the third most popular place to shop for handbags and QVC – with their exclusive lines at exceptional prices – came in a close fourth.

One Bag To Rule Them All
When choosing a handbag – especially one you’re going to carry every day – form is as important as fashion. A bag can look great but if it doesn’t fit your functional needs, it’s going to end up in the closet with the cut shoulder blouse and the sheet maxi skirt.

That’s why 30% of Blue Kangaroo shoppers chose a roomy, trendy tote. Don’t confuse these totes with those bags you use to carry your groceries. These designer totes have style – and plenty of room for your wallet, tablet, sunglasses, phone, book and a snack. Top pick: The Coach Hologram Leather Market Tote from Belk.

Nearly a quarter of Blue Kangaroo shoppers (23%) preferred to go hands free and opted for some kind of backpack. If you’re thinking of those oversized, canvas jobs for back-to-school, think again. We’re talking small, designer packs like the Hailey Studio Backpack from Calvin Klein and the unstructured, casual sling backpacks that you wear over one shoulder.

Running a close third to the backpacks was the satchel. These flat bottom, double-handled bags come in a variety of sizes and colors, even prints. For those with a sense of whimsy, check out the Betsey Johnson “Be Mine” Hearts satchel with the hearts quilted into the body of the bag. For a more classic look, go with the Jose Hess “I Love You” Handbag from (believe it or not) The Danbury Mint.

Whether you’re a college student on the go or a Fortune 500 CEO, you’ll find the perfect spring handbag for you at Blue Kangaroo.

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Hot Handbag Trends for Spring 2016 Infographic

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