Get the Look: Forever ’90s

The ‘90s make me think of poor quality polaroids of grunge bands, mini plaid skirts, PVC jewellery… shoes… backpacks… PVC everything, and of course, the vampire slayer who embodied everything that ‘90s kids stood for. One girl in all the world, a Chosen One. 


Somehow Buffy the Vampire Slayer and the ’90s happened twenty years ago. #feelingoldyet?


The team got together for a 20th anniversary photoshoot, and it gives us all the feels. It also reminded us that the ‘90s remain an eternal happy place for us, where life was simpler and fashion was so casual. So there were some big bad’s to fight off, and no night out to the local under 21 club was complete without a vampire dragging a girl off into the shadowy alleyway… But overall, the ‘90s were plucky and simple. And we’d like to go back, kthanx.

Smells Like Teen Spirit


Crop tops are so ’90s. And the cool thing is that if you don’t feel confident showing off your midriff, it’s totally acceptable to wear a short-sleeved top underneath. Get this Scoop Back Cropped Tank Top from Forever 21.

Nothing Compares 2 U


Hippy, summer-love, bohemian goodness was a breath of fresh air in a decade of grunge. This Faux Pearl Off-the-Shoulder Top is also from Forever 21.

U Can’t Touch This


My, oh my. Sandals. Chunky, gorgeous, plastic sandals. Because a girl’s gotta be able to kick butt and look chic, right? These are Lexi Fisherman Cleated Sandal’s from Boohoo, and we love them.

Baby Got Backimg-thing


‘Hipster’ or ’90s, we don’t care. Overalls and a quirky tee require zero effort and will always look cute. Get your Dr Denim overalls from ASOS, and your Saved by the Bell Tie-Dye Tee from Urban Outfitters.

…Baby One More Time


Cheerleeders unite, because pleated plaid is back. Perhaps one of the more questionable fashion statements of the ’90s, plaid skirts scream I’m cute and peppy, and I’ll kick your vampire butt. Get yours at American Apparel – Plaid Tennis Skirt.

Say my Name


These sunnies are definitely Kurt Cobain-esque. Remember those Jacki-O white frames? We think Dolce and Gabanna do cat eyes way better, though. And they’re pink.


We’ve got a stack load more finds in our Forever ’90s collection. Think GRL PWR, jelly shoes, high-tops, and Nintendo.

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