Everything You Need for a Lit Friendsgiving

If for whatever reason you’ll be participating in Friendsgiving this year, consider yourself lucky. Sure, we all love our families, but a little change of Thanksgiving pace is good for the soul (and sanity).

Still not sold? Grab a seat.

Now, imagine the same Thanksgiving that you know and love – minus the drama, awkward encounters, formalities and meddling Mona’s. Friendsgiving is Thanksgiving with freedom!

Whether you’ll be hosting this event or attending as a guest, we want to make sure that you are Friendsgiving-ready.

Here’s what you’ll need:


Friends. Duh 

Although we can’t help you in this department, here are some of our favorite “friends” items.

Friends: The Complete Series Collection (DVD)  This alt value should not be empty if you assign primary image







What else were you planning on wearing?  Take your pick.


Drawstring Sweatpants   Sweatpants Puma Open Sweatpants







Board Games 

Check out some of our favorites!

    Cards Against Humanity







The more the merrier!


Holiday Kettle Corn    Sriracha Peanuts - Sriracha Peanuts - 10 Oz Box







A Turkey Dinner

Well for that, you’ll have to go to your grandma’s house, of course. Oh right! It’s Friendsgiving. Here are some great options to choose from:

Diestel Oven Roasted, Free Range Premium Turkey (10-12 Lb.)    Tyler Florence Black Truffle Mashed Potatoes   







For similar items, check out our Friendsgiving collection. Happy Thanksgiving from Blue Kangaroo!

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