Flaunt Your Florals This Spring

Springtime is the only time of year that I don’t dress like Morticia Addams’ sidekick. Ella Fitzgerald loves Paris in the springtime, and I love florals. Before the rest of my fellow black-hearted peeps scoff, let me just say that you can rock the floral trend to match your style, body type and mood and I think that’s pretty rad. Most trends are limited in the scope of people that they can reach, so I think we should all make a collective effort to back the petals. Let’s take a look, shall we? 

Ooh la la! This satin romper is perfect for a night on the town. Be forewarned that all eyes will probably be on you, and why shouldn’t they be anyways? 


Like florals, but not too crazy about pastels? This lovely chiffon dress is just what the fashion doctor ordered.


Daisy by Marc Jacobs is one of those flawless floral scents that reminds you why perfume is worth investing in.


Off-the-shoulder tops & floral prints in one stylish combo? Yes please!

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This bikini works so well for both the spring and the summer. Yellow is such a vibrant summer color, and the mix of light and dark petals is quintessentially spring. 

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Bath & Body Works has the best candles. Give your home the floral scent it deserves with this zen-approved baby! 


This pajama set is soft & pretty for the spring, and looks super cozy to sleep in as well. Win-win! 


Yellow from the other side. Whether you’re wanting to style up your date night or wedding guest game, this dress will entrance passersby for sure! 


Floral bags, shoes, and accessories – my, oh, my! Neck scarves are a definite style piece to watch out for this spring, so stock up if you’re about that life! 

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These playful dresses are a marvelous choice for running errands or even a casual to semi-fancy night in town! Soft yellow or white wedges and the right pair of hoops would change this day look into an evening one. 


I wish I could recommend this dress as a wedding guest piece, but the dominant white color wouldn’t generally work for most weddings. It’s such an elegant dress, and is probably best suited for a fancy date night or a night in a classier setting. It’s always a great idea to save gorgeous dresses like this one for extra special nights. 


These pants are a definite fave of mine! You can wear them to work, a casual day out, and even mix them up with a silk top and the right heels and accessories for any evening plans you may have. I love that they’re so versatile and the dominant blue color is striking in the best way.


Going dancing? Look no further than this dress, because its flowy look was made for the dance floor. 


Personal fave: Wowza! The designer of this dress mixed the maxi, off-the-shoulder, and floral look into this snazzy ensemble.


Shop the rest of our Fun with Florals Collection and stock up on your floral favorites this spring! 

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