Everything You Need for a Magical Valentine’s Date Night

Let me just preface this blog post by saying that I am more single than an elderly woman named Betsy with curlers, a fuzzy bathrobe in every color, and an impressive collection of cats. By the way, Betsy seems super awesome and meets all my old-lady goals. Also, how cool would it be to have a comedy series revolving around a crazy-cat-lady? I digress.

Those of you who do have significant others are probably looking for Valentine’s date night ideas…unless you hate Valentine’s Day which is cool, too. I’m not sure why anyone would hate a holiday dedicated to eating chocolate, but I suppose it’s your prerogative.

So when it comes to the day of romance, how do you plan the perfect night? Never fear, your forever-single cupid is here.

A memorable evening calls for a memorable outfit. Let’s start with the gents:


Ladies, now let’s get in formation:


Are heart-themed accessories too much, you ask? Absolutely not. We threw in a tie for the fellas:


Don’t forget to give yourself a little spritz. The most romantic night of the year calls for romantic fragrances:

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If there’s ever a night to rock the perfect red lipstick, it’s Valentine’s night. Besame’s Red Velvet lipstick I swear to you was put together by the gentle hands of lipstick angels:


Keeping it casual? You can still rock it!:


Want a romantic dinner for two at home? Don’t miss out on these lovely must-haves:


I know I’m a major cliche, but you really can’t go wrong with these gifts. Adorable teddy bears, Lindt chocolate, and gorgeous flowers? Sign me up (especially for the chocolate):


That’s it? That’s so not it! Come check out our Valentine’s Date Night Collection for shoes, more outfits, and everything else you might need for a magical evening. If you’re single like me, I’ll be referring to the collection for chocolate. 🍫

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