Etsy: Where You’ll Find Anything and Everything

Three things you’ll always find on Etsy:

Everyday items reimagined in polished wood
Upcycled Mason Jars
Your every need for the perfect “boho wedding.”

You might think ‘handmade, hippy, hokey’ when you think of Etsy, but you’d only be half right. You can find literally anything there, from the weirdest to the most mainstream of tastes, making it the ultimate pitstop for difficult-to-buy-for loved ones.

In hindsight, I could have named this blog post “6 Reasons why Etsy is too hipster to function.” but anyway, here we go:

Albino Octopus by BigStuffed
Made of faux fur and cotton, this eight tentacled friend is surprisingly soft and cuddly.

How to Make Sushi Comic Book Gift Set by CakesWithFaces

A fun way to learn the art of sushi making!

Steampunk Goggles by OldJunkyardBoutique

Umm…Neil Gaiman eat your heart out? Seriously, though. If you know when it is appropriate to wear goggles, please let us know.

Action Movie Christmas Jumper by SpaceRags

I don’t want any arguments about whether Die Hard is a Christmas movie or not. Just take my money!

The Isabella Halo Crystal Crown by JUDYandMADELINE

For the magic pixie dream girl in us all. This tiara is made of raw pale pink crystal quartz and can be worn at festivals, weddings, or while riding a unicorn named Betty down a rainbow made of candy floss.

Pet Birthday Crown by BustersPartyShop
ANYTHING. You can find ANYTHING on Etsy.

Want more weird and wonderful Etsy finds? Have a look at our collection:

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