Color Me Zen

We all need a bit more quiet time in our lives. As technological advances make it easier to be wrapped-up in work even when we clock out, so do our stress levels rise.

Sure, you could do some yoga. It’d be good for you, no doubt. Yoga package: $49

Having a week or so to sit and be mindful of your thoughts couldn’t hurt either, and mindfulness is an incredible tactic to defeat many ailments, not the least of which is stress. Zen Retreat: $265

Or, you could do some coloring. Yes, coloring. Coloring book: $10

Art therapy has long been regarded as child’s play, but believe it or not, the hot new trend in de-stressing and bringing more happiness and calm to life is coloring books for adults. With their much more detailed designs and creative variety, these coloring books are a whole level above your Mickey Mouse and Minnie memories of childhood coloring. Ranging in price from $5-10 and more, adults around the world are buying them in droves and are sitting down to get a little zen in their day.

Check out this classic mandala-type coloring book:


For some whimsy, check out this Day of the Dead-inspired book:


If animals are your thing, you may like these adorable coloring books:


Maybe you dig florals and paisley patterns?


If you like to travel, this 30-page coloring book may do you well:


If all else fails, we know you’ll enjoy these rare gems:


Of course, old-fashioned, bulky crayons won’t fit the bill here. No, you need high-quality colored pencils and inks for these masterpieces.

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