Have a Body Positive Summer

Remember that fluorescent yellow “Are you beach body ready?” ad campaign? Yeah, that one. Faux pas of 2015. Well, we’re here to tell you: put down the sugar-free pepsi and pick up your chin, because it’s 2017 and body confidence is IN and here to stay.


Let Baz be your summer guru

Get Cozy in that Cozzie

Comfort and body confidence go hand in hand, like shades and sass. This gorgeous beachwear is bold, and so are you.

You have to wear this Forever 21 pineapple dress by the pool, sipping pina coladas, preferably listening to Nikki Minaj. You have to. It’s sewn into the label: Wear this dress by the pool, sipping a pina colada. It’s just too good not to.

Haviana’s are hands down the comfiest flip flops out there, and it’s just a bonus that they make anyone’s feet look glam.

This ’50s style tie-die bikini by Rose Wholesale has got some fiery vibes going on. If pineapple patterns don’t do it for you, then default to this curvaceous mama two-piece. Match it with a pair of mirrored aviators and snap your fingers, because girl, you got this.

You Should Go and Love Yourself

Confidence and self-love is everything. Chuck your beauty magazines and read these books now so that when summer hits, you’ll already be slaying it on the shore.

Edna Pontellier was afraid to strip off at the beach for fear of what people might say. This book is just as relevant today as it was in 1899.


Redefining the relationship between beauty and the female identity.


Question the role of female confidence in this ‘man’s world’ and get what you want and deserve.

Nourish your Body

For a couple of days per week in the months leading to summer, detoxify your mind and body by getting your 5 a day, staying hydrated, and looking after your skin.

The Oster ‘My Blend’ smoothie maker is so user-friendly you’ll be addicted to creating new refreshing drinks. Put the ingredients directly into the bottle, whizz it up with some ice, unscrew and take it with you.

Who’s got time for filling up eight glasses of water every day? Instead – fill up the Contigo Autospout in the morning and you’ll be sipping from this cute bottle for the rest of the day.

Baz couldn’t stress it enough in ‘The Sunscreen Song’. Taking care of your skin doesn’t stop at drinking water and staying moisturised. It’s also super important to protect your skin from damaging UV rays. Shiseido’s 5 piece ‘All Day All Play Sun Set’ has got everything you need to keep your skin healthy.


For more body positive inspiration, have a look at our collection where you’ll find more accessories, books, and gorgeous cozzies to make this the most YOU summer ever.

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