AlwaysOn adds Blue Kangaroo to its “OnMedia 100 Companies to Watch”


By Hunter Madsen, Board Member, Blue Kangaroo

It’s an “innovator’s dilemma,” alright, but not the usual kind. Small startups that, like ours, struggle mightily to build new and different things usually end up working way past midnight all the time in their ill-lit garage… so they don’t usually have a lot of free cycles left to stoke the ol’ PR machine.

That’s why we’re all so grateful when folks like Tony Perkins and Always On — the Silicon Valley networking juggernaut that Perkins founded — come by to see what we’re up to and, if intrigued, spread the word.

That’s just what happened for us this week, when AlwaysOn published its annual list of the “OnMedia Top 100 Private Companies — plus 30 to watch.” The list spotlights ventures that are “disrupting the digital media, social commerce, and advertising world with new products and services, while at the same time creating high-growth businesses that offer huge upside potential for investors.”  AlwaysOn cited Blue Kangaroo as one to watch.

We feel delighted and humbled to make the list.  CEO Nick Weir observed…

“As a data company, we’re taking a unique approach, built on big-data solutions, to tackle something challenging and important: we’ll make it dramatically easier for shoppers to get the right offer at the right time, guided by the interplay of each individual’s preferences and interests, location, and context.  This shopping service fuels an exchange of value and data among consumers, marketers, and mobile network operators that offers tremendous potential on all fronts. It’s good to know that AlwaysOn and others see this potential too, and are watching us in 2013.  For Blue Kangaroo, this year is key.”

That said, the OnMedia list is mainly devoted to the big guys, and rightly so.  The Top 100 this year includes  the likes of FourSquare, Pinterest, Adknowledge, Criteo, Tumblr, and Twitter — a daunting circle of innovators boxing in the heavyweight class, players we admire and envy tremendously for how far they’ve already come.

OK, so Blue Kangaroo isn’t quite in their league… yet. But watch our footwork this year.  Kangaroos, you know, can be rather good boxers.


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