6 Nifty Travel Gadgets for Summer Vacation

Summer is coming! Hopefully you’ve already started planning your summer getaway, whether it’s a family camping trip or a long-distance vacation to somewhere a bit different. Wherever you’re taking your vacation this summer, we’ve put together a list of our favorite gadgets on the market to make your well-earned break easier (or in some cases, just a whole lot more fun).

1. goTenna 

If you’re going abroad this summer, or even just somewhere a bit more off-grid at home, these handy devices connect to your phone and allow you to send texts and GPS locations from offline maps. Useful if you’re planning on doing some independent exploring but you still want to be able to contact the other members of your party; indispensable if you’re worried about someone getting lost! They’re also water and dust resistant.

2. Eagle Creek USB Universal Travel Adapter

A must-have for anyone who travels abroad frequently, this adapter allows you to carry just one kit and easily switch between sockets wherever you end up. It also has two USB ports, perfect for charging all your devices. It works in over 150 countries with easy-to-adjust prong adapters.

3. MeNoSpeak Language Companion

A completely new way of approaching the phrase book, MeNoSpeak includes pictures and an easy-to-use flip-card format which makes communicating in a language you don’t speak so much easier. These are especially good if you’re traveling and passing through a lot of places, so you don’t have time to pick up the local language. They fit in your pocket, are super lightweight, and are available in pretty much any language you could think of.

4. OverBoard Waterproof Phone Case

Compatible with all smartphones, this phone case promises to be water-, sand-, dirt-, and dust-proof. It doesn’t just keep your phone safe in these conditions, it keeps it functional too; there’s a welded headphone jack which means you can listen to music wherever you are. You can also use your touchscreen through the case, so you can text, call, or take a photo, anywhere.

5. Eno SingleNest Hammock

We don’t need to sell it to you; who doesn’t love a hammock? This one is lightweight, portable, and perfect for relaxing with a good book on a beautiful day. Even if you’re not going on vacation, the SingleNest means you can take a break even if it’s just in your backyard and just for an afternoon.

6. Discovery Adventures 7-in-1 Hiking Tool

We’re not sure we believe it ourselves, but this little thing contains: a built-in FM radio and headphones, compass, thermometer, magnifying glass, signal mirror, whistle, and LED flashlight. Basically, you could go on a hike with only this and some water and you would definitely survive for at least a few hours. It might not have everything you need to start a new life in the woods, but it does have everything you could need for a day trip into the great outdoors, and  it’s super easy to carry too.


For these products and more of our recommendations for travel gadgets, check out our ‘Summer Vacation Gadgets’ board here!

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