21 Products Every Beauty & the Beast Fan Needs in Their Life

Beauty & the Beast is without a doubt one of my favorite films of all time. I’m a hopeless romantic, I love anything having to do with Disney, and I’m a sucker for a female protagonist with an affinity for books.

Beauty & the Beast was a groundbreaking film. Belle was, in my humble opinion, one of the best of the Disney ladies because her character exhibited a change in the status quo. Belle broke down conformities. She was eccentric, empathetic, and intelligent. Her character had depth and she made being weird cool. The premise of the movie sees Belle as a bit of an odd duck in her uneventful, but ironically colorful town. Gaston, a classically handsome and equally conceited male antagonist, attempts multiple times to woe her and Belle remains thoroughly unimpressed. She’s not concerned with the artificial or materialistic. She craves adventure and, above all else, for someone, somewhere to understand her.

As Belle’s relationship with Beast begins to unfold, her character develops even more. She doesn’t allow him to dictate what she does or when she does it (e.g. the iconic dinner scene – you go girl), she matches his temper with a temper of her own, and she doesn’t let her situation keep her from caring for her family or reading her books. Belle isn’t one to let any man or situation keep her from staying true to her character.

And that, kids, is why Belle should be one of your top role-models (along with Maya Angelou and Amelia Earhart of course). Plus, she’s being portrayed in the live-action adaptation by none other than everyone’s favorite lady love, Emma Watson. Two role-models in one lovely package.

Have I got you pumped yet? Great! Let’s get shopping.

Wear these gems again and again!

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We love these plush toys!


Keep yourself entertained with these items. The first item is the 2014 live-action French adaptation of Beauty & the Beast, and it’s a great film! I made my mom watch it with me, and it got her seal of approval. It follows the original tale somewhat closely, but also tells a unique version of the story.


We didn’t forget about the kiddos! How adorable are these items?


If you’re going to invest in artwork, invest in these beautiful pieces.


The “Be Our Guest” gang – are they not the best matchmakers out there?


Looking for some collectibles? We’ve got you covered!


Ready to love your morning coffee even more? You can never have too many mugs!


Last but certainly not least, get a whiff of this candle! Please just take all my money now.


Want to explore our Tale as Old as Time Collection more? We’re always ready for you to be our guest, and be sure to go and see the live-action adaptation of Beauty & the Beast coming to theatres on March 17, 2017.



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