2016 Holiday Season Steals

The 2016 holiday season is nearly upon us and with it comes the daunting task that consumers face when trying to find the right presents for their loved ones. It’s fortunate for Blue Kangaroo shoppers that this year has been especially plentiful in regards to offering great deals for equally great products! Here’s what’s hot and happening for Christmas 2016.


Electronics is certainly a popular shopping category, if not the most popular product category during the holidays. 2015 Blue Kangaroo shoppers confirmed that with the increasingly popular iPhone. In 2015, Apple came out with a lovable plus-size version of the iPhone – the iPhone 6s Plus. This year, Apple’s iPhone 7 and 7 Plus are in even higher demand, with an improved high-resolution camera, hefty processor, great battery life, and the elimination of the need for a headphone jack. Although the hefty price is something people don’t usually love about them, holiday season sales certainly help tremendously here, and people are quick to snatch the phones at almost any major electronics store or site.


Even before their recent acquisition of Pebble, the Fitbit has been a high-demand item. It’s easy-to-use, a health monitor, and an overall fun gadget to sport on your wrist. The original Fitbit was a bestseller in 2015, given its lifestyle-friendly features. This holiday season promises the demand of the Fitbit Charge 2, which comes equipped with tracking health data, delivering smartphone notifications, a GPS touchscreen, and personalized breathing exercises. Other competitors in the wearable tech field are the Apple Watch Series 2 and the Apple Watch Nike+. Fitness aficionados will love the light feel of the watch while exercising, and its handy GPS and fit-friendly components make exercising 21st century-friendly.

Video Games:

The Sony PlayStation 4 Pro offers 4k gaming without the need of an expensive desktop or laptop computer. This is also a potentially great gift for families with kids who are all gamer enthusiasts. The Nintendo Classic is the throwback system of the nostalgic video gamer’s dreams. The console comes fully equipped with the top 30 Nintendo games ever made pre-installed, so it’s the perfect gift for any gamer enthusiast looking for a walk down memory lane – if you can get your hands on one.

Another highly sought after gift category, toys are always a big seller with Blue Kangaroo shoppers. It can be safe to assume that Star Wars merchandise will be very popular this year. The Star Wars InteracTech Stormtrooper is actually a great gift for kids and adults alike, given that Star Wars merchandise transcends all age barriers, and the film was released towards the end of the holiday season. Pokémon has also come back with a merchandiser dream’s vengeance and the Pokémon Z-Ring Set available at popular retailers like Toys-R-Us connects to the game and provides for an out-of-this-world 4D experience.

Gifts for Adults:
The Paderno 4-Blade Spiralizer is the perfect gift for the health-conscious friends and family in everyone’s life. It makes spirals out fruits and vegetables for healthier alternatives. The Too Faced Merry Macarons eyeshadow palette is a makeup lover’s perfect gift and offers glittery and diverse colors to make the holiday season an especially cheerful one. The Parachute Classic Bathrobe is the perfect gift for parents. It is luxurious and top-quality, which will allow them to appreciate it year after year. Books are always a safe and pleasant choice for adults. Highly rated books newly available this holiday season to look out for include “Apprentice in Death” by the highly acclaimed J.D. Robb aka Nora Roberts. For those friends who don’t enjoy thriller novels, check out “Today Will Be Different” by Maria Semple, which has all the sharp and witty flavor book lovers look for.

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