17 Products That Will Satisfy Your Inner Villain

There’s something about villains. Before you all have me committed at a psychiatric institute, just know that I’m not in love with a villain and am somehow trying to justify that by means of an internal cry for help disguised as a carefree blog post. Lately, I’ve just found villains entirely too intriguing. I believe a large part of that is due to the presence of the elusive characters that haunt our favorite fairy-tales and stories. They’re evil, but you get the sense that there is logic behind their madness…at least logic that fits their perspectives. Ursula craves power, the Evil Queen craves admirable beauty, and the Joker…well I guess the Joker is just a nut-job. For all you villain sympathizers out there, we’ve got everything that you need to get your secret lairs ready.

1. Every secret lair needs an art canvas complete with a villain photo-op.


2. “Luuuuuuke, I am your faaaaaather.” Couldn’t help it. Great line, great t-shirt.


3. For those days where you just don’t feel like plotting to take over the world, curl up with a good book filled with all your favorite villains.


4. You need to stay warm in the winter, and Maleficent-themed socks will do just that. Also, the woman breathes fire, so I’m sure you’ll feel extra toasty.


5. Calling all writers! All great stories need great villains.


6. You can never spruce up your secret lair too much, and stickers will help you do just that.


7. Let’s be real. Sometimes babies really do act like villains, so might as well get them the appropriate gear.


8. Ah, Kylo Ren. Sorry, even us villains are still mad at you because who didn’t love Han Solo? You’ve got a cool mask, though.


9. How cool would this look hanging over your dragon-shaped sofa?


10. Even villains need their coffee…and sometimes a good cup of cocoa.


11. Oooooo. This DVD looks more than intriguing.


12. A great Halloween costume that’ll make a statement…if you feel like leaving your secret lair that is, because let’s face it, villains aren’t social butterflies.


13. Need some background music to match your dark, dark soul? Look no further.


14. Ah, the film that started it all. That evil queen still terrifies me to this day.


15. Who says villains can’t be artsy?


16. Oh, Mr. Grinch. We know the story ends with you turning into a teddy bear, but you’ll always be a villain to us. ❤️


17. Last, but certainly not least. This figurine will give your secret lair the oh-so-fabulous touch. Just look at that pose.


Is your villainous heart still not satisfied? We don’t blame you, and we’ve got you taken care of. Come check out our super exclusive Villains Club for everything your dark heart desires.

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