10 NYE Dresses to Dazzle In

Ah, New Year’s Eve. Don’t listen to the naysayers. I fully encourage resolutions and enlightened-optimism on this day. There’s something entirely too thrilling about starting fresh. When we move to a different country, start a new job, or even drastically change our hairdo, we¬†often feel refreshed and invigorated. Everyone deserves to start fresh every now and then. I fully believe that’s the only way to keep our sanity intact.

Are there many of us who will commit to a resolution initially and then toss it out the window? Sure. I do that all the time. Not all resolutions are meant to be carried through. Still, the possibility of something new, something better, is always wonderful. Perhaps that’s what we love about New Year’s Eve the most. We are on the brink of hope, change, and the chance for something different. Above all, New Year’s Eve reminds us how relatively short each year is, and in retrospect, how short life is. If we can remember that, perhaps we can learn to live every day like New Year’s Eve. Always keep moving forward.

All right, I promise that’s the last of my sappiness for today. Fashionistas, if you want to ring in the New Year as your best self to date, it only makes sense that you’re equipped with the perfect dress to do it in.

Show me the sequins! Who needs to watch the ball drop when your party guests can watch you sparkle and shimmer?:




Sophistication overload! These dresses are perfect for your New Year’s Eve office party, and so not-boring:


We love metallic! All you need is a pair of killer heels and matching earrings, and you’ll have every eye on your beautiful self:


Editor’s Pick: I love the unique combination of colors on this dress. Way. To. Go.:


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