Booty Odor Neutralizing Spray - Wet Wipe Lover and Toilet Paper Hater Must Have - Intimate Wash for That Perfect Moment - Safely Eliminate Difficult Body Smells - Gentle pH Bleach Free Organic Formula

    • THINK YOUR POO DON'T STINK? - We scrub, scrub, and scrub with soap and wet wipes, but there is always that slight essence of foul left over, right? You didn't notice? The skin around our butt absorbs nasty little odor causing bacteria because we rub it into ourselves with toilet paper every day.
    • WHEN'S THE LAST TIME YOU CHECKED? - Do you know what you smell like down there? Probably most of us have no clue how we're doing down under, but our partner SURELY does. But they won't tell you, it's embarrassing! Or maybe it's THEY who need a little.. freshening up. Too embarrassed to tell...
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