So you ask, what's Blue Kangaroo?

Blue Kangaroo is not just another deals site, or another Pinterest site, or anything in between. (Though we certainly offer deals and, yes, we have a colorful site.)

Think of the Roo as your own personal shopper for deals. A free service that saves you lots of time while you save money. And, as a big extra perk, how about no more marketing clutter in your email inbox?

It’s a big job, but we filter through the entire deal universe - from major brand discounts, to local daily deals, to flash sales and deep discounters, to all that other marketing stuff in your email inbox - and call your attention to the deals that you might like. Just tell the Roo what you’re into, and we’re on the hunt.

Meanwhile, we keep your email inbox blissfully clear of marketing clutter, give you an easy way to scan marketing emails at a glance, highlight offers that match your interests, and archive all your marketing emails effortlessly for you. Free.

Now, about our name. We used to call this service “ChoozOn,” but some folks said the name was hard to remember. Now close your eyes and just try to forget that you’ve got a blue kangaroo scouting hot deals for you. See?

Your very own blue kangaroo is standing by. Sign up!