Deals on Blue Kangaroo will deepen, not cheapen, your bond to customers.

People love deals, and the Net has ushered in a new kind of Deal Economy. But neither consumers nor brand marketers are satisfied with deal services today.

Consumers are besieged.

In a national survey conducted by Research Now (April 2011), four out of five Americans said that finding the right deals, amidst today's growing blizzard of offers, was simply "too difficult." Fully 83% wished that a service could filter through that blizzard and spotlight those deals that they'd want to see based on their interest. That's why Blue Kangaroo has built a virtual "personal shopper for deals", scouring the entire deal universe to spot the best deals for brands, products, and services that the individual consumer loves.

Brands are commoditized.

For their part, marketers worry, with good reason, that their brands could become commoditized and judged by price alone in the Age of the Deal. To deepen, rather than cheapen, customer relationships, Blue Kangaroo secures opt-in permission from the brand's best customers to target offers to them across all digital media, offers tailored to what's known about their specific interests and buying preferences.

Blue Kangaroo brings consumers and brands together for a value exchange - Digital Marketing 2.0.

When they look for deals in the Roo's universe, consumers get the instant gratification of finding exactly the right deal at the right time. As one of our members said recently, "Blue Kangaroo is like the Google of Deals." Partly true, except that our recommendation engine goes further, evolving its suggested deals as the consumer's needs and interests change over time. And by sharing their interests through Blue Kangaroo, consumers enable brands to serve their individual interests better over time. Better brand service creates deeper customer loyalty. Blue Kangaroo's mission in life is to help marketers do this for their customers.